My Review of The Ruby Brooch by Katherine Lowry Logan

The Ruby BroochThe Ruby Brooch by Katherine Lowry Logan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A beautifully crafted romance across time

It is rare for a story to capture my attention so quickly, but this proved to be the perfect holiday read. Kit, a modern young paramedic, horse owner/racer and heiress to a fortune, is feisty, lovely, humble, and wonderfully stubborn. She has recently lost her parents and has discovered a Celtic brooch that can take her back in time on a quest to discover her true parentage. There she meets the devastatingly attractive Cullen, guide to an Oregon wagon trail, lawyer, and a well-off gentleman who knows his own mind. Naturally, sparks fly.

This story is one of those family saga romances that spans generations, but in a unique time travelling way. Twenty-first century clashes with 1852 Western-style. Feisty, modern heroine causes big trouble for handsome, virile hero, who cannot help but fall in love. Misunderstanding, circumstance, and cultural differences are bound to stand between them and true love. Everything a good romance needs. Even better, it is beautifully and intelligently written, the characters are well-drawn, and with the developing romance intricately woven into a family mystery, I could not tear myself away. I loved every second of this read.

Time-traveling romance just added itself to genres I want to read. Best of all, I see there are more brooches to enjoy!

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