BRAND NEW! Shimmer In The Dark: DESTINY NEXUS Official Launch!

I am very excited to announce the launch of Shimmer In The Dark: Destiny Nexus. This exciting, high paced sequel to Rogue Genesis is now available as an e-book on Amazon and is packed with shocks and revelations.

Destiny Nexus

“This man isn’t the exclusive property of the US any longer. He is answerable to the world.”

Major Niall Kearey is the only man capable of bridging space-time to create portals across the known universe.

His government and the US military exploit his abilities, a secret society incites global unease in a bid to control him, and the alien refugees he smuggled to Earth revere him as the fulfillment of ancient prophecy.

Under threat of exposure, a potential one-man weapon of mass destruction, Niall and his family are forced back into hiding. Struggling to protect his wife and children, honor his oath to God and country, Kearey discovers he’s attracted the attention of a devourer of worlds – the legendary Balor – an enemy so powerful it enslaves or destroys everyone in its path.

The world needs Niall Kearey and his abilities, but the shady politics and dirty maneuvering of Earth’s power-brokers have tied his hands. Shackled by the unceasing suspicion and assaults on his liberty, Niall desperately seeks a means to protect planet Earth against the ancient predator hunting him down. Whether Balor’s purpose is Apocalypse or invasion, the threat escalates as Niall realizes the answer to the future lies in the past—his past.

How far can one man travel to preserve a world that has turned on him?

Niall must accept his destiny as the nexus – a magnet for destructive forces and possibly mankind’s last hope for salvation.

An exploration of love and betrayal with the high-octane pace of military thriller, Destiny Nexus stretches a man’s moral fiber to breaking point and changes him forever. This action-packed sequel continues the epic space opera saga introduced in Rogue Genesis.

Grab your copy of this breath-taking, dramatic sci-fi thriller, the second novel in the Shimmer In The Dark series!


I was delighted to receive this Advance Review by Marcha Fox, who worked as a NASA Contractor at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas for over 20 years and who has kindly advised me on the science aspects, keeping my flights of fantasy near the bounds of scientific credibility! Marcha Fox is also a science fiction writer and we have become friends through our mutual enjoyment of each other’s work.

Marcha Fox’s Review of “Destiny Nexus” by Ceri London

5-stars (only because in most rating systems I can’t give it more)

If you enjoyed the breathless intensity of “Rogue Genesis” you will be equally enthralled by its sequel, “Destiny Nexus.” When you’re dealing with a hero with talents like Niall Kearey trouble is inevitable, especially when coupled with the US Government, the Pentagon, and a plethora of hidden agendas on the part of an ancient secret society. Add an influx of off-world alien immigrants from another planet and you not only have a plot which is bound to thicken but require considerable skill on the part of the author to tie it all together. This London achieves, the result a breath-taking kaleidoscope of science fiction intrigue. Several developments left me literally gasping, yet the scary part is that the author did such a convincing job of tying it all together that nothing exceeds the realm of reader credibility.

In this volume, character development takes its natural course as Niall experiences increasing pressure from those who resent and fear his talents. Hero-types don’t take well to such bullies, whether in the form of an individual or some powerful entity, yet as we all know “fighting city hall” usually doesn’t end well. The plot as well as various characters and situations darken, threats to Niall’s family taking a different turn than they did in “Rogue Genesis” yet no less hair-raising. New characters and developments related to Niall’s distant past arise which have startling implications as well.

I highly recommend reading (or rereading) “Rogue Genesis” to get the most out of this worthy sequel. Seemingly minor characters from the previous episode return in a variety of roles for which their context and relationship to the protagonist as well as each other are important to fully grasp and appreciate the story’s considerable depth.

As with “Rogue Genesis,” the author has done an outstanding job blending cutting-edge science, ancient history, the paranormal, and government intrigue into a skillfully orchestrated saga that will, like its predecessor, leave you biting your nails with bated breath until the next book comes out.

(I was provided a free electronic copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.)


Rogue Genesis

Destiny Nexus is the  sequel to Rogue Genesis. Rogue Genesis is the first book in my Shimmer In The Dark series and can be read as a standalone novel.

I’ve loved developing the characters from Rogue Genesis and have introduced a few more as Niall discovers his heritage and unravels the threat of an alien predator hunting him across the cosmos. I’m now looking forward to developing a cast of new alien characters in Galacticus Elecion, the third book in the series.

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I have thanked several people in my acknowledgements, but I want to express again my huge appreciation to my beta readers and proofreaders for their honest feedback and catches. A special, massive thank you goes to Travis for his insightful content editing, his generous line editing, and his consistent support throughout the creation of Destiny Nexus!

On to Galacticus Elecion!