Shimmer In The Dark is fiction – fantastical fiction in places – but I have tried to ground the “science” wherever possible. Some of my research has generated themes in the book, at other times I have stumbled upon scientific articles published after writing that support some of my more outlandish ideas. We know so little about the richness of our universe, I have to wonder if any idea exists that is not possible somewhere out there, in a place beyond our human experience.

Here is a building collection of links to articles and websites that have inspired (and continue to inspire) me along the way.

BLACK HOLES! Should Astereal even exist? Not really. But then I read this: and even more recently:!

Just recently published: Will this black hole uphold current theory on relativity or will new concepts need to be found?


Image Credit: NASA/CXC/M.Weiss
Image Credit: NASA/CXC/M.Weiss


Useful material for my sequel DESTINY NEXUS!

DARK MATTER AND ENERGY  Since publishing Rogue Genesis this article presents new discoveries in our understanding of the cosmic web keeping together the ever expanding universe:
CLICK YouTube Video from
Intergalactic Voids Are Not So Empty – ‘Tendrils’ Pierce Cosmic

New addition:  Just need to tweak my sequel a little!

Useful material for my sequel!

Another article published in Jan 2015 supporting the idea of dark matter in the Milky Way providing the fuel for a wormhole! Niall Kearey uses dark matter to create dark energy to build his bridges across the universe!

TIMEFLOWS: Click here.

DRUMSI helmet. I loved finding this article:,8599,1841108,00.html

MAGNETIC FIELDS. One of many sites I visited in an attempt to understand the potential of magnetic fields for my story, but this is one of my favorites:

And for the link between magnetic fields and psychic phenomena: which led me to: This website is much newer than the one I referenced in 2011.

While researching magnetoception and the incredible ways a variety of creatures on planet Earth use the geomagnetic field for direction, I never uncovered the Fox until much later. This video demonstrates a fox homing in on dinner buried deep in the snow. His luck increases when facing the North pole. Watch this:

New theories indicating EM forces can form portals to other worlds:



SEDONA VORTEX: I have to emphasize again the word inspiration. My story brushes the complex investigations carried out at Sedona at a very high level. But this article is the reason I chose Sedona as the location for my protagonist to discover his mind’s propensity to skip across the universe:


EVOLUTION: Evolution is a lot more complex than Darwin supposed:

EARLY MODERN HUMANS: and a good source on evolution theories:

I enjoyed reading this article of other sources of human DNA – the denisovan genome!

Scientific Inspiration for my sequel!


Oh, I’m working on my sequel to Rogue Genesis, and just spotted this article!  Now that’s a relief!




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