Shimmer In The Dark: Rogue Genesis is published at last!

Rogue Genesis Final Cover

Huge (HUGE) thanks to my betas for all their help and advice! Debby in particular has been supporting me on this project for eighteen months! Thanks also go to my brother for the wonderful cover art and my sister-in-law for patiently helping out with the typography!

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At last! I have my final cover for Rogue Genesis. Huge thanks to my brother for the art work and my sister-in-law for patiently helping me out with the typography. I love the result! Looking forward to publishing very soon. Watch this space. Check out my story here.
Rogue Genesis Final Cover

Show, Don’t Tell is a Metaphor? Phew!

Over ten odd years of writing, I have been told ‘Show, Don’t Tell’. The latest term I’ve heard it called is Deep POV. I looked it up and, yes, when I show, it tends to be Deep POV. Okay, not all the time. I try to, but my writing is not drowning in Deep POV. There are other considerations. The information I need to convey; the hints I want to give readers, details not necessarily forefront in my character’s POV. I pick and choose what I show, show (Deep POV), and what I tell. Sometimes I forget to pick and choose. Transforming errant Tells into Shows can be immensely satisfying, but are all Tells insidious, nasty bugs that need to be ‘beta-ed’ into oblivion?

Researching Deep POV versus narration, I chanced upon a gem of sage advice that will keep me sane. I need to seek out more of Bill Bowler’s advice, but this post/article in Bewildering Stories is a very helpful description of narration and POV that puts Show, Don’t Tell in context. I think the crux of the matter is: use Show to engage the reader, don’t let the Tell drive the reader away.

I agree that Deep POV can only help the Show, but I’m not chewing my nails over it.

I wanted to share. Hope these links prove useful to you.



Terry Reid is twenty-five, based in Dumfries, south-west Scotland, and publishing her third book, CRASHING DOWN TO EARTH.

Your cover is amazing, Terry. I have an impression of clashing swords in the Scottish Highlands. Tell us about the story.

“My new book is called Crashing Down to Earth and is the first of a two part series. It follows a young woman called Hayley, who lives with her charismatic, and sometimes annoying, guardian angel, Alex, in Glasgow. Everyone can see Alex but his identity is a secret except to Hayley and a few close friends.

An ex-lover of Alex threatens to kill Hayley, but it quickly becomes apparent that there are bigger dangers coming their way.”

I know from Stars and Satellites, that Alex makes for quite a charismatic guardian angel, so finding out about a murderous ex from his past will be fun. What made you come up with an angel for a hero?

“The character, Alex the angel, was inspired by a dream I had several years ago.”

Sounds great! Even better, Terry tells me she is currently writing the second part to Crashing Down to Earth, so hopefully part two will not be too long a wait. Thank you for joining me, Terry.

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