My Review of The Last MacKlenna by Katherine Lowry Logan

The Last MacKlenna (The Ruby Brooch)The Last MacKlenna by Katherine Lowry Logan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Following my review of The Ruby Brooch, I was delighted to be offered an Advance Review Copy of The Last MacKlenna, a romance that picks up the story of Elliot Fraser, CEO of MacKlenna Farm, and introduces Meredith Montgomery, owner of a vineyard in California.

Once more, I was enthralled, but for very different reasons. This is a more mature romance that fearlessly explores cancer, psychological damage, and loss. It is a story that sensitively lays bare our fears as we look to the future beyond the pinnacle of a career and examines our response to the hard knocks life can throw our way.

I use ‘our’ deliberately as Katherine Lowry Logan delves into a health issue that many will have encountered in one way or another. Cancer is an emotive subject, often inspiring a heroic response in those it touches, and always forcing its victims to face their deepest fears. In this respect, the Last MacKlenna is a truly touching story that will resonate with many, even though the hero and heroine live in a privileged world where their coterie can compare the size of their respective corporate jets.

Both Elliot Fraser and Meredith Montgomery are financially independent, hardworking, and successful. They’re also at a time in their lives where they desperately need to put their priorities into perspective. And despite the benefit of past experience and the painful moments they have already endured, they are just as vulnerable as any inexperienced twenty-year old when it comes to the emotions of the heart—even more so, because they are scared of getting hurt, or of being disappointed, or worse, of being the one that disappoints.

What I loved most about this story was the gradual piling on of tension as fresh traumas emerge from the wreck of a romance built far too quickly on the shifting sands of mutual attraction and blatant lust. I couldn’t rid the lump in my throat as I watched a car crash of ‘hopes and dreams’ falling to Elliot and Meredith’s self-doubt and fears as they encounter a mountain of obstacles blocking their path to true love. Sometimes, life has to kick really hard to force an adjustment in thinking. This story kicks hard!

A wonderful, heart-stirring read, The Last MacKlenna can be read as a standalone novel, but I especially enjoyed the glimpses back to the family mystery unravelled in The Ruby Brooch. It was very satisfying to discover the other side to Cullen and Kit’s legacy.

Overall, a solid five stars.

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I am assured this is being published very soon!

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