Review of sci-fi romance: Dreams of the Queen (The Brajj, #1) by Jacqueline Patricks

Dreams of the Queen (The Brajj, #1)Dreams of the Queen by Jacqueline Patricks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well-developed characters and a diabolically evil scheme.

Disclosure: I received this book free. I am providing an honest review.

Dreams of the Queen is a fun science fiction story that neatly mixes in military adventure with some erotic romance and some not-so-erotic, but still graphic, horror.

A group of humans made up of six military and six scientists explore a wormhole and discover that nothing is what it seems on their new world. Certainly nothing like their scientific leader, Cass Baros, had anticipated, except perhaps in her weird dreams.

The story is full of interesting and flawed characters. Unfortunately, I didn’t take to Cass, the main character. She irritated me—her reactions too selfish and irrational at times. I regret to say I found her fate most fitting. Julian, her fiancé, was a character that I thought exceptionally well developed throughout the story. I loved Jaemon (a brajj warrior), and Captain Lewis, the team’s military leader. Every now and again the story jumped between characters in a way that could be confusing. There are some intense scenes, but because Cass didn’t hook my sympathy, I wasn’t too emotionally involved, although I really connected with Captain Lewis’ frequent frustration with his charges.

The plot is great, and the story slowly and steadily unveils an exceptionally diabolical scheme. “Predictable” outcomes do not materialize as expected, and although I did correctly predict the identity of Master, the main villain, the scale of his evil is shocking. Also, there were so many possibilities for his existence, it was a relief to have the why and how of things laid out at the end.

I enjoyed the flowing writing and Ms Patrick’s dialogue is exceptionally natural, stand out good against several books I have recently read. The action scenes were realistic and well-drawn; my only criticism being that the level of detail was such that what must have been seconds of time seemed a lot longer. Also, I’m not a fan of events retold from another point of view and I had to stop myself skimming these parts (only a couple) as the author did have a purpose to them.

Overall, I highly recommend this book and I’m very interested to see where this series leads next. I notice there is a book focused on Captain Lewis. Excellent!

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