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You can also receive the my two short stories as individual ebooks via  a Smashwords 100% discount Voucher Code. Each one includes an excerpt from Rogue Genesis.


Ashes is a short story of steamy love. Approx 4500 words. ADULT.

He opened his heart to a queen. He thought she trusted him to defend her world from the enemy. Reports indicate she has lost faith and now he has one night to change her mind before she makes treaty with the Formorri. The whole galaxy will be in jeopardy if her planet surrenders. He finds her in an empty palace, her beautiful mind closed to him. He may have arrived too late. His only hope is to use their love against her.


Bridge Builder follows the story of Nantoseulta, a bridge builder and Niall’Kearey’s Asterean mentor in Rogue Genesis, (Shimmer In The Dark, Book 1).

Nantosuelta left with the Asterean Space Fleet to search for a new world. Her companions rely on her skills to bridge the wormholes of space, but an encounter with an alien ship desecrates the fleet and wipes Nanto’s psychic abilities. Stranded, with starving creatures closing in all around them, Nanto must shed old ways of thinking to fight a new battle. Survival.

Both stories can be read as standalone, but do connect to an unspecified point in the Shimmer In The Dark series.

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