NEW RELEASE VERY SOON! Destiny Nexus (Vol 2, Shimmer In The Dark)

I have been so determined to publish the second book in my Shimmer In The Dark series in 2014 as I originally promised when I published Rogue Genesis! Well, I’m on the cusp of the new year. I pushed the button on Amazon on 31st December and I hope to launch on New Year’s Day 2015.

We will see!

In the meantime, here is my Cover Reveal and book description.

Destiny Nexus


This man isn’t the exclusive property of the US any longer. He is answerable to the world.

Major Niall Kearey is the only man capable of bridging space-time to create portals across the known universe. His government and the US military exploit his abilities, a secret society incites global unease in a bid to control him, and the alien refugees he smuggled to Earth revere him as the fulfillment of ancient prophecy.

Under threat of exposure, a potential one-man weapon of mass destruction, Niall and his family are forced back into hiding. Struggling to protect his wife and children, honor his oath to God and country, Kearey discovers he’s attracted the attention of a devourer of worlds – the legendary Balor – an enemy so powerful it enslaves or destroys everyone in its path.

The world needs Niall Kearey and his abilities, but the shady politics and dirty maneuverings of Earth’s power-brokers have tied his hands. Shackled by the unceasing suspicion and assaults on his liberty, Niall desperately seeks a means to protect planet Earth against the ancient predator hunting him down. Whether Balor’s purpose is Apocalypse or invasion, the threat escalates as Niall realizes the answer to the future lies in the past—his past.

How far can one man travel to preserve a world that has turned on him?

Niall must accept his destiny as the nexus – a magnet for destructive forces and possibly mankind’s last hope for salvation.

An exploration of love and betrayal with the high-octane pace of military thriller, Destiny Nexus stretches a man’s moral fiber to breaking point and changes him forever. This action-packed sequel continues the epic space opera saga introduced in Rogue Genesis.

Warning: Some strong language.


Author David Bruns has released Sacrifice, his third book in the Dream Guild Chronicles as well as an Amish science fiction story, The Yesterday Adjustment.

Followers of my blog will know that  I am enjoying his Dream Guild series and my review of his latest release, Sacrifice, will be published very shortly. Suffice to say, I loved it!

In the meantime, an introduction to both releases by the author:

The science fantasy series, The Dream Guild Chronicles, tells a different kind of first contact story—one from the alien’s point of view.

IRRADIirradiance_cvr_lrgANCE, Book One, imagines the kind of dystopian world you might get if you paired Big Brother from 1984 with A Wrinkle in Time. Maribel, a scientist, uncovers an ecological disaster that makes her reexamine everything she thought she knew about her Community. In desperation, Maribel flees her home world with her family and a few friends.

TheSight_CVR_LRG-200x300In SIGHT, Book Two, the storyline focuses on Sariah, Maribel’s daughter. Her parents are frantic to find her a new home safe from the long arm of the Community. But new worlds are fraught with new dangers, and SIGHT will keep you on the edge of your seat as you follow Sariah trying to navigate the superstitions of hunter-gatherer tribal culture.

Now imagine Lost in Space crash landing into an ancient Incan civilization and you have SACRIFICE, Book Three of The Dream Guild Chronicles.


If crash landing isn’t bad enough, a crew member is taken captive by the natives. A rescue attempt, a firefight and one crewman is left for dead.

But he’s very much alive.

Alone, light-years from everyone who cares about him, Gideon navigates royal politics, tribal rituals, and ancient prophecies as he struggles to take back the artifact that will let him reconnect with his family.

And if you’re in the mood for something shorter, you might want to try The Yesterday Adjustment.



Washington crossing the Delaware, Truman dropping the atomic bomb, TRACE rebels capturing the first Transport portal at Columbia. All examples of inflection events that fundamentally altered the trajectory of mankind’s future.

After more than a half-century at war, Transport is desperate for a way to defeat the rebels once and for all. Enter Damien Strickland, Time Operative agent. His mission: posing as an Amish man, go back in time and make sure the rebel attack on the Columbia portal fails.

The mission takes an unexpected turn when he meets Amos Troyer, the man who will grow up to become the feared leader of the rebel forces. But Amos in this timeline is only a harmless sixteen year old Amish boy.

Set in the rich Amish science-fiction world of Michael Bunker’s PENNSYLVANIA, The Yesterday Adjustment is James Bond meets Harrison Ford in the The Witness.


About the author:  DAVID BRUNS

headshot cropped (2)I grew up on a small farm in the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. We didn’t have a TV, so my reading habit gradually grew into a reading obsession. After high school, I was accepted to the United States Naval Academy where I earned a Bachelors of Science in Honors English (That’s not a typo. I’m probably the only English major you’ll ever meet who had to take multiple semesters of calculus, physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, naval architecture and weapons systems just so I could get to read some Shakespeare. It was totally worth it.)

I spent six years as a commissioned officer in the nuclear-powered submarine force chasing Russian submarines. Then the Cold War ended and I became a civilian. For the next two decades, I schlepped my way around the globe as an itinerant executive in the high-tech sector, and even did a stint with a Silicon Valley startup.

In 2013, I took a break from corporate life and wrote a book. I enjoyed it so much that I wrote another (better) book, the first in the science fantasy series, The Dream Guild Chronicles.

My wife and I are self-confessed travel junkies. We’re immensely proud of the fact that both our children had to get extra pages in their passports in order to fit all their visa stamps. Together, we’ve visited over two dozen different countries and almost all fifty states, but Minnesota is home.

Where to find David Brun’s work:




The Yesterday Adjustment:



SciFi Author Marcha Fox – Interview on The Dawn of Shades Radio Show

Marcha Fox, science fiction author of the Star Trails Tetralogy and former NASA engineer based at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, not only knows her science, she writes a beautiful story.

I have been Marcha 5cropcaptivated by Marcha’s book Beyond The Hidden Sky, the first volume in her wonderful Star Trails series, and my review follows below.

Even better, you can hear all about Marcha’s latest interest from the author herself as she is being interviewed tonight by Gia Scott on the radio show The Dawn Of Shades.

The show goes out 8.00 pm to 10.00 pm Central Daylight Time on the 30th September 2014. If you can’t catch it live, the show is available FREE through its archives HERE . Marcha is a wonderful author with a fascinating life story and hearing her talk live will be a treat for her fans of astrology.

My Review of: Beyond the Hidden Sky by Marcha A. Fox


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A joy to read. Imaginative hard sci-fi with real-life characters

Imagine growing up in a regimented, well-ordered, pristine bubble. Then imagine you burst that bubble accidentally and your new playground suddenly opens up to include the galaxy, but you’re on your own, your family is travelling farther and farther away, you’re trapped in this escape pod, and there’s a virtual nanny telling you what to do. Imagine you’re a natural rebel.

Creena Brightstar is a rebel.

Dirck is her brother. Dirck is dutiful, compliant, and loves to drive his non-conforming sister crazy. This time he went too far. Now he’s with his father and on a mission to find Creena, only the big, bad world outside is nothing like the bubble he’s raved about all his life, and his dad has some rapid education to do.

This is such a fun, fascinating read. Marcha Fox knows her science, and the Brightstar children rapidly need to learn all this stuff about space travel, warp drive, and time bumps, and so the reader learns right along with them. Anyone who loves hard science will lap this book up. However, that and the wonderful world-building is the bonus.

The real joy in this story (the start of a bigger, complex, political sci-fi thriller chock-full of mysterious baddies) is Creena and Dirck’s development. Adversity tests, tries, and changes their outlook on life. In Marcha Fox’s world, never mistake inexperience for incompetence. She expects much from her young characters, and yet intuitively understands and empathises with them.

Oh, and there’s a robot I swear would drive C-3PO insane.

Overall, I highly recommend this book for both young and old and I will be gradually devouring the rest of this series.

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REVIEW: Contract of Defiance by Tammy Salyer


Contract of Defiance by Tammy Salyer

Book One in the Spectras Arise Trilogy

My rating: 5 of 5 starsContract of Defiance (Spectras Arise Trilogy, Book 1)

This is a well-written book, clean, with fast-paced action that rarely stops for breath and great description that doesn’t fear blood and gore. The military setting benefits from the author’s military background and there are interesting science and medical details science fiction readers will appreciate. Told in the first person (a point of view I don’t usually like) this one pulled me into the protagonist’s mind. Aly Erikson is a hard-ass soldier-turned-criminal and a mixed up mess. When a job goes badly wrong and her brother David gets captured by the Admin, she wakes up in the medical facility on the wrong ship with a crew who has their own objectives. All Aly cares about is finding her own crew so she can rescue David. The story that follows slowly reveals the political set up in this part of the universe providing a wide space opera backdrop for the rest of the series.

Aly Erikson’s development is great and distinctive for the amount of conflict she inspires. She’s impatient, aggressive, and just so slow to work out who to trust with her loyalty. A romantic angle is understated and although I would have enjoyed more emphasis on this, the plot develops the relationship well. I loved how Aly got so many backs up, and connected with so many others. She had to prove herself, demonstrate her true motivations by her actions and the choices she made. This girl has intelligence, guts, and grit. Character wise, my only criticism is that the back story for the captain/surgeon of Aly’s new crew needs a little more development to explain her combat skills, but I suspect there is more story to come. Overall, the characterization is well drawn and balanced, baddies as well as goodies, and everyone has their own peculiarity. The main antagonist is just plain scary.

Contract of Defiance is a great read, brimming with military strategy and tactics, masses of conflict and pistol-drawn battles, and a new galactic way of living to discover that caters for the privileged while suppressing the communities existing on its fringes.

Exciting, riveting stuff. I can highly recommend this book.

(Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I also purchased a copy.)

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NEW BOOK RELEASE! Far Bank of the Rubicon by Erik Wecks

Another exciting release by New Frontier Author Erik Wecks!

AUGUST 10TH, 2014:

For three hundred years, the Pax Imperium secured peace throughout the galaxy. Now the empire teeters on the brink of collapse.

As war brews, the House of Athena expects Jonas to enlist. Unable to escape his gilded cage, the young prince accepts his fate. But when the factions come to blows, his secret affair with the daughter of a rival becomes a liability. As territory falls, Athena lays impossible demands on Jonas, and he is forced to choose between love and the ideals his family fights to preserve.

The Far Bank of the Rubicon is super-charged, adult science fiction from Erik Wecks, creator of the Pax Imperium and author of the critically acclaimed Aetna Adrift.

The Far Bank of the Rubicon begins a three-book series that picks up right where Erik Wecks’ critically acclaimed novel Aetna Adrift left off. This military space opera starts with a bang and keeps building tension until it explodes into an action-driven second half that will keep readers glued to their seats. It features Wecks’ trademark action scenes with characters who aren’t simply cardboard cutouts. They make mistakes, and those mistakes have consequences, not only for themselves but for the galaxy as a whole.

Wecks is perhaps most excited that in The Far Bank of the Rubicon he can finally begin to bring readers into the depth and width of the Pax Imperium. “The Pax is a huge sandbox with hundreds of tales waiting to be unearthed,” said Wecks. In conjunction with The Far Bank of the Rubicon, Wecks will release a Pax Imperium short story collection, Unconquered (August 23, 2014)All of the stories in the collection tie in with The Far Bank of the Rubicon in some way. Three of the stories in the collection have been previously released: Brody: Hope Unconquered, He Dug the Grave Himself, andTaylor’s Watch. A fourth, Rena’s Song, will be offered exclusively in the collected book.

Want to Buy The Far Bank of the Rubicon? Go to his Amazon Page.


A full time writer and blogger, Erik Wecks lives in Vancouver, Washington. He is an author of both non-fiction and fiction, as well as a contributor to the GeekDad blog and

“I write on a wide range of topics. When not waxing poetic on various aspects of fiscal responsibility, I tend toward the geeky.”

“When not poised over the keyboard, I love to spend time with my family. I am married to an angel, Jaylene, who has taught me more than anyone else about true mercy and compassion. We are the parents of three wonderful girls. As a group we like swimming at the local pool, gardening, reading aloud, playing piano, and beating each other soundly at whatever table top game is handy.”

Discover more about Erik’s other writing on his Author Website and sign up there for his newsletter. You can also find Erik on Twitter and he loves his Facebook Page! Go LIKE it!

OUT NOW! Contract of War (#3, Spectras Arise Trilogy) by Tammy Salyer

New Release Announcement

Contract of War, the final novel in the Spectras Arise Trilogy by Tammy Salyer, a “riveting quest on the galactic fringe,” is out July 21st.

Contract of Defiance, Contract of Betrayal, and Contract of War follow heroine Aly Erikson and her crew of anti-Admin smugglers through an ever-escalating glut of life-and-death adventures and trials of living on the side of liberty and freedom—whether they agree with the law or not—in the far future of the Algol star system. As former Corps members, most are no strangers to fighting and dissent, but more than anything, they want to spend their lives flying under the radar without control or interference from the system’s central government, The Political and Capital Administration of the Advanced Worlds. But the Admin’s greed-drenched dualism of power and corruption has other plans, and throughout the series, Aly and her crew are reminded of one lesson time and again: when all other options run out, never let go of your gun.

Contract of War begins in the aftermath of the system-wide war between the Admin and Corp Loyalists and the non-citizen population of the Algols, where everything once resembling order has been leveled. Scattered enclaves of survivors dot the worlds, living, however they can, in snarled lawlessness. Aly and her crew have carved out a niche of relative peace, doing their best to go on with their lives through salvaging, scavenging, and stealing. But with no force left to keep the lid on the pot, the pressures of chaos and discord soon cause conflicts to boil over. As enemies close in from all directions, even, sometimes, from within, the crew once again must fight—not just for survival, not just for their way of life, but this time for a future that can finally lay to rest the system’s bloody and savage past.

To learn more about the series and her other projects, visit former 82nd Airborne paratrooper and author Tammy Salyer at

Grab all three novels in the trilogy while they’re on sale for 99 cents each through August at:

Barnes and Noble

About Tammy:
Self_clear[1]Tammy writes a bit, reads a bit, and frequently races cars across intersections from the saddle of her bike. Consequently, you could probably crack walnuts shells on her thighs, but she hopes no one ever tries, because … awkward. Find her on her blog ( or Twitter (, or sign up for her newsletter ( to be the first to know of contests, new releases, and special events you might enjoy. She’s currently working on a prequel to the trilogy and another project that has something to do with space Vikings. She hopes you enjoy reading her works and welcomes your reviews.

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David Bruns

“Writer, reader, runner. Author of best-selling,  series The Dream Guild Chronicles .”

Tammy Salyer

“Editor at , inkslinger, and alternative reality engineer. For novel news, please join my newsletter at .”

Ceri London

“Author of sci-fi / fantasy Shimmer in the Dark: Rogue Genesis slipping on the edge of space-time


Review for SIGHT: The Dream Guild Chronicles – Book Two by David Bruns

TheSight_CVR_LRG-200x300Sight by David Bruns

In the exciting sequel to Irradiance, it’s been four months since the six refugees fled the dystopian Community of Sindra, and already the Joined adults are showing signs of sickness. In their search for a new home, time is not their ally.

A routine planetary survey goes horribly wrong, leaving a native boy near death. In a desperate attempt to save his life, the boy is given a transfusion of Sariah’s blood—and the crew makes an amazing discovery.

Sariah is adopted into the boy’s clan as the Fountain of Dreams, the mysterious girl from the stars who brought them the gift of dreams. But superstitions run deep in the clan and not everyone is happy with the new freedoms, especially Nisador, the tribe’s Sacred Mother.

Sariah learns the ways of the clan are harsh—even deadly.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Not too long ago I reviewed Irradiance, Book One in The Dream Guild Chronicles, and had been eagerly awaiting the next book in the series. So when David gifted me Sight, I tucked it away for my holiday! What decadent pleasure – the Tuscany sun, a shaded terrace overlooking rolling vinyards,  a glass of wine, and Sight.

This is my review:

In Book One of The Dream Guild Chronicles, I was captivated by one family’s fight to escape a sophisticated society, a commune of telepaths, whose leaders are prepared to commit any atrocity and ignore any danger to preserve their way of life. In Sight, the second book in the series, Maribel and Reese are searching for a home for their daughter, Sariah, and they believe the inhabitants of an Earth-like planet can provide Sariah her destined future.

Sight is Sariah’s tale and her immersion into her new adopted family reveals a fascinating culture. I stepped into Sariah’s new world and watched a girl grow into a young woman, torn between her heart and duty as layer upon layer of clan history is slowly divulged.

David Bruns creates a world of dream bubbles and inner sight, mystical orbs and Sacred Mothers. This society that has taken Sariah into its midst has a ranking system that promotes jealousy and competition as well as courage and compassion. But when the powerful do not abide by the code of honour at its heart, Sariah becomes a victim of envy and suspicion as traditional laws turn young love into a dirty secret and allow her elders to dictate her life under the guise of duty for the common good.

As the story reaches its dramatic conclusion, the source of the Sacred Mother’s rule over the clan alters Sariah’s life forever. The ending is quick and signals the start of a new chapter in the character’s lives, a signature of the author I am discovering. Fortunately, there are questions still to answer as the fate of Reese, Maribel and Sariah’s twin, Gideon, remains unknown.

Roll on Book Three!

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Review: Phantom Bigfoot & The Vampettes From Venus

I’ve been looking forward to dipping into Simon Okill’s unique brand of writing. I’ve seen reviews and hilarious references to his work, so I wasn’t sure what to expect as it’s a little outside my usual reading material. I found an entertaining read awaiting me. Simon Okill certainly knows how to spin a fun mad yarn, no holds barred.

Here’s my review:

Phantom Bigfoot & The Vampettes From Venus (Phantom Bigfoot Series, #2)Phantom Bigfoot & The Vampettes From Venus by Simon Okill
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bigfoot mayhem liberally laced with toilet humour abounds in this paranormal adventure.

The arrival of the FBI distracts the town’s sheriff from solving wanton–read “gross”–vandalism of resident’s bathrooms. Yes, these odorous crimes warrant the attention of two FBI agents! (Only in Bigfoot world.) Duane, teen protector of his Bigfoot kin, has a precarious hold of his powers, young love is in the air, and there are vampettes on the loose.

All the madness combines to form a well-written and fast-paced riot filled with larger-than-life characters, both human and not-human. I read this book, eyes wide, wondering if I should create my own stash of happy juice before turning the next page. My one warning: Never let a Bigfoot loose in your kitchen. Love that scene.

Five stars for the sheer outrageousness of it all. A great fun read.


Kindle e-book Shimmer in the Dark: Rogue Genesis is on special offer 14th June 2014 only: listed price just $0.99 on Amazon for 450+ pages of “breathtaking” scifi fantasy thriller!

Rogue Genesis Cover
Shimmer in the Dark: Rogue Genesis

“UN-PUTDOWNABLE” “In the beginning your kinda thinking where’s the SciFi – then it creeps up and it creeps up and you are totally believing this could happen for real.” (F.Brownsell)

Major Niall Kearey is split between two worlds. He lives on Earth, but his mind can visit Astereal, an alien world across the universe.

He’s just discovered his fantasy planet is real. To the telepathic race on Astereal, Niall is a legend and military leader. Now the dueling forces of the dark stars are tearing Astereal apart and prophecy says he can save them from an apocalypse. On Earth, Niall’s growing psychic abilities attract unwanted attention putting his family in danger, but his attempt to rescue them has horrific consequences. With alien invasion a real threat, the US government designates him a security risk while a secret political conspiracy seeks to control him and this first contact with extra-terrestrials. Now Niall is torn between protecting his loved ones, saving an alien race, and his duty to Earth. As history opens his eyes to the full potential of his psychic powers, he finally confronts the disturbing scale of his dilemma. Will his attempts to save one world end up destroying two?

“Ceri London has written, in “Shimmer In The Dark: Rogue Genesis” one of the most powerful science fiction novels I have read since “Dune”. Well, actually, it is better than “Dune”. More creative, with a wider range and depth of reality, that is approachable to all readers. This is, without doubt, a science fiction novel, but it also has strong ties to military-political intrigue in the present day which grounds the novel in a level of believability even when the “fiction” portion of the science asks you to stretch your mind into new levels of belief.” L. Cooper (

Grab your copy today here !

Ceri London writes a blend of high-powered science fiction and thriller filled with charismatic but believable characters that show the human psyche at its best and worst. Read Ceri's blog and discover her inspiration here.

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Ceri London writes a blend of high-powered science fiction and thriller filled with charismatic but believable characters that show the human psyche at its best and worst. Read Ceri's blog and discover her inspiration here.


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